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The Path to P4

Vector-Elevator-Map IMG_4381

Stairs and elevator now come in vector format!

Historical Figure in Computing

Ada Lovelace is so awesome. She’s a hero, an inspiration. Her status as the world’s first programmer and troubleshooter is fascinating, and it’s impressive that she was a polymath and loved not just computers but mathematics, engineering, poetry, philosophy like metaphysics, studying the brain, and a wealth of other subjects. I love that she made it as a famous mathematician and writer despite the fact that she lived in the nineteenth century, with its barriers to formal scientific education for women.

If I could meet Ada Lovelace, I’d want to ask her what she thinks of advocacy for women’s education, an admirable cause that Ada’s own tutor, Mary Somerville, championed. I’d also want to know what she thinks of her father Lord Byron, and of his work. I wonder if she read much of it. I’ve read that despite her mother’s efforts to distance Ada from her father’s world, she became friends with at least one friend of her father, and she liked her father enough that she asked to be buried by him.



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